There have been some recent developments in the internet that should be of interest to you as a website and business owner. Google has announced that starting now, 2017, their Chrome browser will be tagging websites that do not have a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate installed as "unsafe to browse". This will severely affect your website traffic as most people who get the warning will back out and go somewhere else. The other major browsers, Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE are also following Google's lead.

A SSL Certificate is a means of providing encryption security to all flow of information between your website and the viewer such as personal and credit card information. Even if you do not collect information of any sort, you will still be affected because Google is looking for the existence of a certificate when they spider your website. And MOST IMPORTANTLY Google will penalize sites without a certificate by lowering your search engine placement. And then reward sites that do have a certificate by giving them a better placement.

This simply means that the good front page place we worked so hard for all these years can disappear overnight. I have already seen this happen in a couple of cases because Google started this practice early. So, the bottom line is “if you have a website you will need a certificate, period.”