Q & A –

What is an SSL Certificate? – SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a data security tool that was designed to keep communication over the internet safe. Data sent via a SSL connection is protected by a mechanism called encryption that scrambles the data in transit to prevent theft and tampering. All SSL certificates provide the same encryption; however, mechanisms of obtaining a certificate varies by type – a.k.a validation type.

How secure is an SSL? – The encryption is 256 bit and 2048-to-4096 bit key length. In layman's terms, that's about like all the grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. But, to be clear, it depends on the viewers browser and machine and the server capabilities as to exactly what bit rate will be used. Most computers now are 128 bit but that is still a tremendous amount of safety. Our servers that your website is on are capable of the most secure encryption available.

What are the different types of SSL certificates? – I have done extensive investigation into the different types of SSL offered and have narrowed it down to two types of validation that will fit any normal business or personal website or landing page site. The DV (domain validation) and EV (extended or extensive validation).

What do I need for my business website – It is really a matter of personal choice as to exactly what type of SSL you need. Remember, from the lowest to the highest cost, they all provide exactly the same level of protection. Don't be fooled by slick talking salesmen. The DV SSL can usually be approved in a matter of minutes. That is usually achieved by our placing special code on your website that can be checked by the issuing authority to prove that we, as your agent, own or control the website. Occasionally a domain will be chosen at random for a more extensive check and that will take longer.

The EV SSL requires a much more intensive and legal check of the history, ownership and legitimacy of your business and can take up to two weeks to be approved and issued. It requires a lot of time on our part as well as the issuing authority and your business must be registered with a government agency of some sort (LLC, Inc, trademark, etc.)

What are the advantages of the more expensive EV SSL over the lower cost DV SSL? – All websites with an SSL will have HTTPS://yourdomain.com in the browser address bar instead of HTTP://yourdomain.com . However if you have an EV SSL your company name itself will also be displayed in the address bar and the bar will turn green to signify a secure website. NOTE: subject to the browser being used by the viewer.

At the moment, I am not seeing this. What I am seeing is a green padlock symbol if the site is secure or a circle only with the lower case letter i denoting “information” if the site is not secure. A secure website may also have the info circle and the padlock. Try a few websites for yourself and click on the padlock or circle and view the info displayed.

A website with a DV SSL will display a green padlock. If someone clicks on the padlock it will say that the site is secure for transactions. To see an example of a DV SSL go to www.rpmracekarts.com or our website www.98websites.com. for an example of a non-secure website go to your own website and click on the circle with the lower case i.

So, which SSL should I purchase? – Again, it's a personal choice because either way the protection is the same. I would like to tell you to buy the more expensive EV because, obviously, I will make more money, but personally I would go with the lower cost DV SSL. The EV will be more worthwhile for brand recognition and customer trust if you feel it is worth the extra cost. Otherwise I would recommend the DV SSL with the three-year option, as a good investment for most of our clients.

What is the cost of each SSL certificate? –

  1. EV SSL cost is $985 for one year.

$1576 for two years (20{031549acd15665b2e7e33b08a070d432ea188a8a2ad293b70c5ace898eae21cd} discount)

  1. DV SSL cost is $302 for one year.

$543 for two years. (10{031549acd15665b2e7e33b08a070d432ea188a8a2ad293b70c5ace898eae21cd} discount)

$770 for three years. (15{031549acd15665b2e7e33b08a070d432ea188a8a2ad293b70c5ace898eae21cd} discount)